I’d like to welcome everyone to my blog. Since quite some time I wanted to experiment with static site generators. I decided to pick Hugo as it’s written in Go. I agree that it doesn’t sound like a valid reason. On the other hand, as I don’t have any experience in this field any solution should work.

Some technical details: the blog is stored on GitHub and hosted on DigitalOcean. I use NGINX as a web server. Webhook on push runs a shell script which fetches the latest changes and updates static pages. As a result, I can write a new blog post using only GitHub web UI.

Currently, I plan to write a couple of blogs about my hackathon project - git bisect run. It’s an IntelliJ IDEA plugin which helps to simplify the process of looking for a defective commit. Also, you can expect to find here something on Java and Go as they’re both in my sphere of interest. Oh, and maybe some Kotlin just because I’m in love with it.

That’s enough for the introduction I believe. The plan is made, things are easy now - simply follow it. I wish you all happy holidays and hope to see you here next year ;)